Shipping & Refund Policy

Order and Shipping

  • Orders placed by 8AM EST Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will ship that same day.
  • Orders placed after 8AM EST Monday and Tuesday will ship the following day.
  • Orders placed after 8AM EST Wednesday and anytime Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday will ship the following Monday.
  • Orders ship anywhere in the continental United States with a flat rate shipping of $12 for less than a case and $32 for a pack of two 5lb cases. Shipments to Alaska or Hawaii will have a flat rate shipping of $75 for less than a case and $150 for a case.

Rush Orders

Expedited shipping is available for an additional charge, however it can be quite a bit more expensive than our usual flat rate shipping charges. Call the office at (304)847-2942 after placing your order to get an estimate for expedited shipping. We can upgrade your shipping method after receiving an additional payment (shipping costs minus the flat rate already paid when placing the order) or cancel your order as you prefer if we can’t get it delivered to you as quickly as you need.

Shipping Information

Shipping is not available to PO boxes. Entering a PO box address as your delivery address will cause your order to be rejected. We can correct the error, but it will cause a delay in the order’s processing.

We ship our orders in industry standard coolers with ice packs to keep product frozen in transit. During the warmer months, we also use a Thermalast bag to extend the life of the dry ice in case of delays in shipment.

We’ll send you a detailed confirmation email. Please review it carefully and make sure everything is just the way you want it. Since chili is perishable, if the chili is a gift or a surprise, it’s important to let the gift recipient or someone close to recipient know the chili is on the way.

We do not ship and deliver on weekends. Also, there are no shipments or deliveries on the following holidays: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Custard Stand Food Products cannot be responsible for damage to unclaimed gifts or incorrect address information. We are not responsible for incorrect/misspellings that are input into the system. Please check your orders for accuracy before hitting submit.

Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili | Hot Dog Chili and Chili Soup

Refund Policy

Tastes and personal preferences differ. We do not issue refunds in these cases.

Also, refunds are not given for:

  • Wrong address
  • Acts of God
  • Problems not related to or caused by Custard Stand Food Products, LLC
  • Not following handling and thawing instructions
  • Chili sent to someone who is out-of-town
  • Arrival time on day of delivery. FedEx has until 10 p.m. to deliver.

When You Receive Your Chili

  • Inspect your Custard Stand chili upon receiving it.
  • Put your Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili or Chili Soup into the refrigerator or freezer as soon as you remove it from the shipping container.

Shelf Life

  • Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili has a shelf life of up to 2 years frozen or 60 days thawed. It can be refrozen as long as it has been cold-thawed.
  • Custard Stand Chili Soup with Beef and Beans has a shelf life of up to 2 years frozen or 60 days thawed. It can be refrozen as long as it has been cold-thawed.

Our Promise To You

Here at Custard Stand Food Products, we want more than anything for you to have a good experience with our company. We want you to love your chili! If you have a problem, please contact us immediately via email or call (304) 847-2942.