Dee and Angie Cowger continued a family tradition and opened The Custard Stand in 1991 as a take-out dairy bar in Webster Springs, West Virginia. They used a century-old recipe created by Angie’s grandfather as the chili for the hot dogs.

For years, customers repeatedly asked where they could buy Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili. In 2003, the Cowgers, long-time entrepreneurs, converted the three-bay car wash behind the restaurant into a USDA-approved production facility and launched Custard Stand Food Products, their second business.

In February 2016, the Cowgers pitched the hot dog chili and chili soup on ABC’s award-winning reality show, SHARK TANK. While the Cowgers didn’t get a deal, the exposure dramatically increased retail and online sales. Billionaire Mark Cuban said the couple is living proof of the American Dream.

Over the years, the Cowgers, their three children, and other family members visited stores, festivals, and consumer shows to hand out samples of America’s Tastiest chili and talk to people about the product. The family proudly promotes the values of homemade taste, quality, and consistency.

Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili is available at select Kroger, Wal-Mart, Harris Teeter, Sam’s Club, IGA, Schnucks, Meijer, Food City, and smaller chains and independent grocery stores in more than 30 states. (Find a retailer near you.)

In 2010, the Cowgers introduced Custard Stand Chili Soup with Beef and Beans, a more traditional bowl chili. Dee created the recipe for this favorite. It is available at select Walmart stores in six states, select Meijer stores near Cleveland, Target in Charleston, WV, and The Custard Stand restaurants. (Find a retailer near you.)

Both products can be ordered online and usually shipped in two days to most of the U.S. for a flat-rate fee.

Our hot dog chili tops hot dogs, fries, nachos, and more at restaurants, convenience stores, concession stands, and more across the U.S.

Custard Stand Chili is an official sponsor of world champion lumberjack Jason Lentz, who lives in Diana, WV, and regularly eats at The Custard Stand in Webster Springs. We sponsor “Whitetail Frenzy,” a WV-based reality TV show about hunting across the USA. Dee is on the Whitetail Frenzy pro team.

Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili | Hot Dog Chili and Chili Soup Shark Tank

We are also proud sponsors of Food S.H.A.C.K., an initiative to feed hungry children in West Virginia.

The second restaurant, The Custard Stand-Flatwoods, opened in early 2009 in Flatwoods, WV. The Cowgers have since sold it to their daughter, Alissa Clayton, and her husband, Seth.

We hope you enjoy Custard Stand Food Products, no matter where you’re located in the US, whether you’re buying from a local retailer or ordering our goods online. And when you’re in Webster Springs or Flatwoods, we hope you’ll stop by and visit our restaurants in person!