Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili

Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili uses 100% ground beef in a century-old, family recipe with a secret blend of spices and quality ingredients.

Ready to eat.Easy to heat.

Our fully cooked hot dog chili is a convenient meal. It's microwaveable or can simmer on the stovetop. Good for 30 days thawed; up to 2 years frozen.

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You can pronounce everything on the label.

America’s Tastiest hot dog chili is free of trans-fats, gluten and fillers. There are no additional additives and preservatives. You'll recognize all of the ingredients.

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Not just for the bun.

Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili isn’t just for topping hot dogs! Beef up almost any dish. For inspiration on creative entrees or snacks, check out our recipes and serving ideas.

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