Custard Stand Chili Jason Lentz
Photos of Jason Lentz at the 2017 Webster County Woodchopping Festival by Guy Cowger Photography

Custard Stand Chili Jason Lentz Ask Jason Lentz, one of the top lumberjacks in the world, what he wants for this season and he doesn’t hesitate: To win the No. 1 spot in the STIHL Timbersports Series.

Jason, who counts Custard Stand Chili among his growing list of sponsors, is a fourth generation lumberjack who lives in Diana, WV. He is the son of Mel Lentz, an 18-time world champion.

“It’s impressive for us to see the Custard Stand logo on Jason’s shirt and springboard during competitions around the country and the world,” said Dee Cowger, co-owner of Custard Stand Food Products and The Custard Stand LLC. “Jason works as hard as we do to be the best.”

Jason will compete on Baker’s Island in Webster Springs during the 54th Webster County Woodchopping Festival this week (May 23-27). Watch the Custard Stand Chili Facebook page for a special announcement this week.

The competitions are a great place for aspiring lumberjacks to learn more about what STIHL calls the original extreme sport. The events take intense concentration, “but after we compete and we’re hanging around is a great time to walk up and ask questions,” he says.

When he’s not swinging an ax, Jason works as a pipelayer and has another business making custom ax handles. “I’m hoping to have a few to choose from at every show this year and am taking orders if you can’t wait that long!” he says.

And this lumberjack trains. A lot. “I’m working hard to increase my speed and agility this year,” he said. At 6’6, he towers over other lumberjacks and fans. Paying attention to his diet is critical to staying lean and mean for competitions. However, Jason splurges with a real banana or peanut butter milkshakes at The Custard Stand in Webster Springs, where he still eats regularly.

Can’t make it to Webster Springs this weekend? Click here for the STIHL Timbersports competition schedule.

And you can follow Jason and his adventures on Facebook and Instagram.

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