Kroger adds Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili to nearly 600 stores in 10 states

Spring 2022 Kroger Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili expansion

Sometime in mid-May, shoppers will be able to buy Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili at nearly 600 additional Kroger stores in Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

It is the single biggest store expansion in almost 20 years of business for Custard Stand Chili.

“We’re thrilled that Kroger believes in Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili so strongly that they’re adding it to nearly 600 stores all at once,” says owner Angie Cowger. “It certainly rivals being on ‘Shark Tank.’ We’re grateful for the opportunity that Kroger is giving us! The last

few years have been challenging on many levels, and this kind of growth affirms our hard work.” Plus, Angie says, it’s just in time for grilling season! Memorial Day kicks off our busiest time of year.

Heads up: It’s a 12-page pdf sorted by city/town.