Custard Stand Chili partners with Dot Foods to expand national distribution

Custard Stand Chili, known for its 100% beef chili products, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Dot Foods, a leading national redistribution company. The strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone in Custard Stand Chili’s goal of being a nationally recognized brand.

Dot Foods operates as a national redistributor, servicing distributors across various food channels, including food service, supermarkets, convenience stores, and drug stores.

Through this partnership, Dot Foods’ extensive network expands the accessibility of Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili and Custard Stand Chili Soup with Beef & Beans to consumers nationwide.

“Our chilis have garnered a loyal following,” said Angie Cowger, 2023 WV Woman-Owned Small Business Owner of the Year. “Partnering with Dot Foods aligns with our vision of making Custard Stand Chili accessible to more consumers nationwide. We’re grateful for this opportunity to reach new markets.”

Dot Foods serves approximately 4,100 food industry distributors, enabling Custard Stand Chili, headquartered in Webster Springs, WV, to streamline its supply chain operations. With a minimum order requirement of just one case and a two-day lead time through Dot, Custard Stand Chili can efficiently bring its products to a broader audience while minimizing operational hurdles.

“This partnership with Dot Foods is a game-changer for us,” said Dee “Chili Man” Cowger. “By leveraging Dot’s capabilities, we can focus on what we do best – making great chili – while Dot handles the logistics. It’s a win-win for our customers and our business.”

With an extended shelf life of two years when frozen and 60 days when thawed, consumers can confidently enjoy Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili and Custard Stand Chili Soup with Beef & Beans as entrees, sides, or snacks.