DIY chili keg for the Big Game or any occasion

We noticed one of the “national” chili brands is giving away a chili cheese keg for the Big Game on Sunday, Feb. 13. However, that bad boy puts out 1,000 servings!?!? ­čś│

Cool idea and great gimmick but there’s a way to create your own chili “keg” (sorta) with a lot fewer servings and you can control the spiciness.

Step 1

Buy Custard Stand Chili Soup with Beef & Beans OR Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili (no beans). Both are 100% beef, keto-friendly, gluten- and trans-fat free, and no added preservatives.

Step 2

Use a 6 quart (or bigger) Crockpot. Fill it 3/4 quarters of the way with Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili or Custard Stand Chili Soup with Beef & Beans.

Step 3

Add your favorite cheese. We would likely go with good ol’, regular Velveeta, or one of the spicy Velveeta flavors. Or add Rotel. Remember you’ve got the power to make it as spicy or as mild as you want.

Step 4

Cook for an hour or so. Internal temp should be 165┬░.

Step 5

Serve from Crockpot or a large bowl/container of your choice.

Ta-da! Smaller-scale Chili Cheese Keg!

Custard Stand Chili DIY Chili Keg

Our chili is usually in the cold food section (near the wieners) or in frozen foods.

Order by 11 a.m. Tuesday to get it in time for the game… weather permitting, of course.