If you’re on Facebook, check out our fan page! We’re so pleased with the comments we get from our fans. On Jan. 9, one post in particular caught our eye.

Donna Betterton commented on our trip to Walmart HQ in Bentonville, Arkansas:

“Love this stuff. Our granddaughter that is in the Army and serving in Afghanistan came home on leave and her first request was for a trip to Webster Springs for a CSHDC. Needless to say we granted that wish. We live in Alabama, and I am originally from Bolair, WV.”

Donna's granddaughter who loves Custard Stand Hot Dogs
Spc. Erin Millwood, Donna Betterton's granddaughter.
Donna then uploaded a photo of Erin to our fan photo album!
“I bet she has the award for the longest distance traveled for one of the best things in the world,” Donna wrote. In the comments on the photo, Erin let us know how she really feels:

“What can I say – I love me some CSHDC… LOL.. I dont care how far we gotta drive, I’m gettin’ another one when I come home after deployment. If you saw what I have to eat nowadays you’d understand why … Plus it’s downright delicious…”

Erin, thanks to you and the others serving in Afghanistan! And Donna, thanks for posting about Erin! Next time that you’re in Webster Springs, let us know! We’d love to treat you to a hot dog (or two) and give you a Custard Stand T-shirt.

Got a photo that shows your love of Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili? Upload it to our Facebook fan page or email it! We just might feature it here on our web site.