Maddy (Carpenter) Talbert, who lives in Utah, got a taste of home for birthday recently.


Her sister, Sandi (Carpenter) Caron, thought she would like some Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili to celebrate the big 5-0!


Sandi shared the story with us via email:

Sandi (Carpenter) Caron (left) and Maddy (Carpenter) Talbert.

Maddy and Sandi are Webster County girls, having grown up in Guardian. Sandi graduated from Webster Springs HS in 66, and Maddy graduated from Webster County HS in 1978.

Maddy married Mark Talbert of Webster Springs.

Both Carpenter girls now live in Utah, near the Rocky Mountains (they included a photo of the Rockies to give you a sense of the view.

And Sandi was happy to report that Maddy loved the chili.