Check out our new logo and learn the waitress's name

Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili | Hot Dog Chili and Chili Soup

Many of you know that Custard Stand Chili makes TWO chilis, but for those who don’t:

  • Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili: The beanless chili that is beloved on hot dogs but can substitute in recipes calling for a beefy sauce (tacos, pasta, etc.). Owner Angie Cowger’s paternal grandfather, Mack Carpenter, created this secret recipe around 100 years ago.
  • Custard Stand Chili Soup with Beef & Bean: This is a traditional bowl chili like the kind your Mom would make for dinner. Owner Dee “Chili Man” Cowger created this recipe — which has a different flavor from the Hot Dog Chili — to keep us busy year-round. (And yes, we did tell him that people eat hot dogs year-round!)

However, for years, our logo has only featured the red-headed waitress carrying a hot dog OR a bowl of chili on a tray.

Not both. Until now.

Introducing our new marketing logo — the one used on social media, our website, and other marketing spots — to show the waitress with both the hot dog chili and the bowl chili. The logos won’t change on the chili tubs. Thanks to Brenda Pinnell of HepCatz Design for her work on the new logo.


Frankie Geraldine Williams
Frankie Geraldine Williams

Also, we wanted to share the waitress’s name publicly: Meet Frankie!

She’s named after Angie’s grandmother, the late Frankie Geraldine Williams, because of her red hair. “I’m not quite sure why we haven’t shared her name before but with this revamp, we figured it was about time you all know her name, too,” Angie said.

The real Frankie, Angie’s maternal red-haired grandmother who lived in Cowen, WV, worked as a waitress over the years. She also enjoyed reading, bowling, playing cards, and gardening. She was married to Gene Williams, and their children are Brenda Dempsey, Anna Carpenter (Angie’s mom), and James Williams.

We’ll be getting new shirts, hats, and more, with the new logo. Maybe, we’ll re-create one of her recipes and add it to the website