Cowgers share Custard Stand Chili story, samples with Wood Fruitticher sales team

Wood Fruitticher sales meeting photo

Angie Cowger, co-owner of Custard Stand Food Products, recently met with nearly 100 sales team members at Wood Fruitticher’s headquarters in Birmingham about the versatility of both Custard Stand Chili products.

Wood Fruitticher Food Service is an independent broadline distributor of food and other restaurant-related products. The company, family-owned and operated since 1913, serves a territory covering Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, southern South Carolina, and eastern Louisiana.

“We met several sales team members at Wood Fruitticher’s show in May but this visit was more one-on-one and we thoroughly enjoyed the format,” Cowger said. The Cowgers’ son, Guy, accompanied her on the trip.

The event’s round-robin style allowed the Cowgers to meet with five groups of 15-20 sales representatives for 20-25 minutes. “We discussed production numbers, product quality, the benefits and features for customers, cost per serving, and shelf life,” Cowger said. “We highlighted product versatility with plated displays and we dished up samples of both Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili and Custard Stand Chili Soup.”