Meet the winner of the 2018 Custard Stand Chili For A Year contest

Violet and George KimmelThe winner of our first ever “Custard Stand Chili For A Year” contest is Violet Kimmel, who lives near San Francisco. And she couldn’t be more thrilled: “This chili reminds me of when I was little and would have hotdogs with my grandma. She loved a hot dog with chili and slaw!”

Violet will get sampler packs of both Custard Stand Hot Dog Chil and Custard Stand Chili Soup with Beef and Beans delivered to her doorstep each month in 2018. Her first order arrived recently. “It was still frozen solid,” she said. (Our chili is shipped frozen and comes in a cooler you can re-use.)

And you’ve probably guessed already: Violet is a West Virginia native. She was born in Point Pleasant and moved to California in 1989. And just like her grandma, Violet loves a good hot dog with chili and cole slaw.

Custard Stand Hot Dog chili WV dog by Violet Kimmel“We’re so pleased when we can bring a taste of home to a West Virginia native,” said Angie Cowger, co-owner of Custard Stand Food Products, makers of Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili and Custard Stand Chili Soup with Beef and Beans. “I love that the first thing Violet did was make a hot dog with our chili and put slaw on it.”

She and her husband, George, are looking forward to trying Custard Stand Chili with Beef and Beans. She’s going to try our Stuffed Pepper recipe soon.

Congratulations, Violet! Stay tuned for our next contest.